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Download the new songs by Johnny Dumbass from their debut CD - Katzenjammer

01. Just Rain On By
02. Love In The Park
03. Ben Whofleck
04. Lying Limey Lesbos
05. I Don't Care
06. The United States Of Mediocrity
07. Sign
08. Did I Stutter?
09. Katzenjammer
10. Plastic Fart



The reviews are in...read what the critics say about Johnny Dumbass :

That is simply the worst bit of music I have ever heard. The rest of the album, "Lying Limey Lesbos" in particular, is actually worse. The drummer needs to stay off the downers and try to actually keep time and the bassist needs to be shot. And if they are synthesized -- the drums in "Ben Whofleck" sound as though they are, the programmer needs to be taken outside and ritually disembowled. I nearly went postal, wanting to destroy the world, with the thought that music as bad as this could actually exist.
-- Project Greenlight

If Hell has music, this is the band that would play it.
-- Anonymous

Total shit
-- Anonymous

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Scarab Staubach, Rhino Marino, and Dung Tarkenton, 3 of the world's most talented artists, crashed into each other purely by chance and decided to form the greatest band of all time. Rejecting the major labels and refusing to pigeonhole themselves into one genre, Johnny Dumbass has produced a startlingly brilliant debut CD, Katzenjammer. The entire music world is abuzz!


Johnny Dumbass will play anywhere in the United States Of Mediocrity for $3,000,000 in cash.  Set consists of 10 songs, and has a duration of approximately 22 minutes.


Coming Soon!!!  One day you'll be able to watch the enormously popular Johnny Dumbass video for Lying Limey Lesbos.

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